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Milford Sound (13 km S from epicenter)
Strong shaking in Milford Sound, Southland region. I scared. 😨

Arrowtown (82 km SE from epicenter)
Please use New Zealand as name of place not South Island of... Surprised that warning arrived ten minutes after we felt the shock.

Wanaka (99 km E from epicenter)
Woke me up. Strong shaking of bed

(150 km SE from epicenter)
Felt it quite well but only because I sat on the floor just then. Wasn't sharp shaking, rather more like 2 or 3 wavy motions.

Roxburgh (155 km SE from epicenter)
Strong jolt and shaking

(436 km NE from epicenter)
House creaked afterwards but barely imperceptible and I went to sleep with the intention of checking the geonet in the morning