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Hilo (9 km SW from epicenter)
Strong quick shutter. Audible rattling. Husband and dogs slept through.

Hilo (12 km SW from epicenter)
Woke me up. Heard the doors rattling. I'm on top floor of 2-story home.

Hilo (12 km SW from epicenter)
Sleeping. Did not wake up. No damage

Hilo (16 km SW from epicenter)
Couple of sharp bumps and about10 secs of shaking in Hilo

Mountain View (30 km S from epicenter)
Felt it in Mountain View. It woke me up. Unmistakable shaking. 4 seconds. This is the 4th earthquake I'm experiencing in Hawaii in the past week.

Pahoa (45 km S from epicenter)
A bump in the house and then shaking woke me up alohaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lance Rittenhouse

Volcano (48 km SW from epicenter)
Short quake. 2-4 seconds. Heard house frame creek. No damage. Didn’t wake sleeping people in the house.

Honokaa (57 km NW from epicenter)
Felt good shake inside my single level home. Loud rumble sound. My animals all jumped up alert

(354 km NW from epicenter)
Felt my bed jiggling for about 20 seconds on one story house though not enough to make me run outside.