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(8 km W from epicenter)
Small shake, not so loud.

(8 km W from epicenter)
Not sure what it was at first, then realised. 2-3 seconds long. Felt ground beneath us move. No drinks spilled,nothing moved and nothing damaged

Lassi (13 km NW from epicenter)
Loud rumbling, then my chair shuck. My partner who was sat next to me didn't feel anything but heard the rumble and thought it was distant thunder

(13 km NW from epicenter)
Loud rumbling sound and then the shaking!

Lixouri (19 km NW from epicenter)
Kefalonia - LixouriWeird shake..It looks like is somewhere faraway...

Exogi (41 km N from epicenter)
Very slight tremor

(43 km SE from epicenter)
Shook twice in quick succession

(87 km SE from epicenter)
I heard this low sound and immediately a short brisk shake..