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Chateaugay (11 km SW from epicenter)
I don’t recall hearing a big bump before the tremors and things rattling around inside my house.with other quakes. This one was loud and hard.

Burke (18 km SW from epicenter)
It woke me right up out of my sleep and scared the heck out if me. Had no clue what it was at first just felt the house shake and thought the neighbor's house exploded or something.

Burke (18 km SW from epicenter)
Scary!! Made my heart pump, woke me up out of my sleep!!

Burke (18 km SW from epicenter)
Woke my husband and myself from sleep. Felt the house shake but unsure if items were moving. Heard the deepest rumble all around.

St-Chrysostome (21 km NE from epicenter)
Woke my whole family out of bed.

St-Louis-de-Gonzague (25 km NW from epicenter)
Un tremblement de terre de faible intensité chez nous. Un gros bang suivit d'une petite secousse. Assez forte pour faire paniquer ma conjointe, mais pas assez pour déplacer les objets!

Salaberry-de-Valleyfield (32 km NW from epicenter)
It woke me up at 5:38 on my iPhone and I recall counting to 3 sec once awake.I also heard a rumble coming from the ground.

Hemmingford (33 km E from epicenter)
I heard shaking than a loud bang which made my bed move. It slowly stop after.

Town of Bangor (39 km SW from epicenter)
It was very loud. It woke me up.

Mercier (40 km NE from epicenter)
its started with a loud boom and the normal rumbling lasted about 30 seconds

Châteauguay (45 km N from epicenter)
It woke me up

St-Lazare (48 km NW from epicenter)
Heard and felt similar to a passing snow plow - a HEAVY snow plow!

Pointe-Claire (52 km N from epicenter)
Woke me up and felt like chimney and table lamp shaking. When out to see if the heavy machine like snow plough was not round. Then told my wife

Montréal (55 km NE from epicenter)
I happened to be awake. I thought it was the snow plows at first, but the windows rattled a little bit too much for that.

Montréal (63 km NE from epicenter)
Salaberry-de-Valleyfield 6 am

Town of Jay (70 km S from epicenter)
Rumble , long shaking- maybe ten seconds. Woke me up.

Longueuil (72 km NE from epicenter)
Impression de 2 autos qui se frappe devant chez moi et légère secousse ..

Lake Placid (79 km S from epicenter)
Shakey with a big rumble

Wentworth (91 km NW from epicenter)
first thought it was a sand truck along the road or a plane taking off from Mirabel Airport which we are on their take up pathway, saw no truck nor plane and the noise was too short to be a plane taking off, that's is when I said to myself it might be an earthquake

Prévost (97 km NW from epicenter)
Seulemement un grondement, pas de vibration.